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Things to do Madhai | Satpura National Park | Madhai Riverside Lodge
Tiger Spotted in Satpura Tiger Reserve - Madhai Riverside LodgeTiger Spotted in Satpura Tiger Reserve - Madhai Riverside Lodge

Activities and Experiences in Madhai

Comfort of luxury with a touch of the wild

Things To Do In Madhai

Vacation in Satpura Tiger Reserve

Inside the deepest forests where minstrels of Mother Nature sing and dance, undisturbed, unbefouled by the reach of mechanics and manmade humdrum of life is a realm so pristine, so removed that in losing yourself in its embrace, you rediscover the vividity of life on earth.

Madhai sits in the very lap of Satpura Mountain Range, possessing a good chunk of Satpura National Park. While the common tourist makes for Pachmarhi to experience the deep greens, the more sedate traveller seeks out Madhai for a more "backstage" experience of wildlife; a less-crowded, unhurried exploration of the wild.

A few steps down the jetty of Madhai River Side Lodge flows Denwa river. Across the river lies the portal that delivers you unto the lap of the jungles - and you can get a ticket to enter from the bookings office right in front of the Lodge. Here are some activities that the government organizes in the Satpura National Park:

Safari in Satpura National Park | Madhai | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Jeep Safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve

As the last waves of monsoon wane, as the last bouts of rain recede, the forests prepare for the onset of winter. Starting October, the Core-Zone safari season begins; this is when Madhai Gate of Satpura National Park, situated right next to Madhai River Side Lodge, opens up to welcome wanderers that wish to discover new terra.

Also, during peak summertime, when the sun reigns high and scorches the jungle soil dry, the wildlings dot the banks of the rivers that soak the earth in this dominion. This is the time where the probability of spotting wild cats and other elusive residents of the forest is the highest. This is when you should book a jeep safari in Madhai. You can also choose to go on a Buffer Zone Safari in Satpura National Park that runs all year round. Jeep safaris can also be enjoyed in the night-time hours - the choice is upon you.

Elephant Safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve

The charm of jerkwater Madhai lies mostly in its location, but the winner here is ease of access. While getting to the town itself is very easy, every touristy activity (safaris, for example) can be conveniently booked within minutes. Since this town has a lot of water flowing around, visitors also get to experience activities like boat-rides and canoeing.

The experience Madhai offers differs in essence from Pachmarhi. You don't run from one cliff to another peak to catch sunsets or take pictures of waterfalls in Madhai; you come here to really feel the wilderness at very close quarters. There aren't any specific "tourist spots" per se - this place is not so much about sightseeing as it is about discovering and exploring. Madhai lets you slow down and take a breath. The views aren't going anywhere - and neither are you. Wilderness is here. Wilderness is Madhai.

Elephant Safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Boat Safari on River Denwa

Rivers are the arteries of a forest, carrying water - the lifeline - through the fens and marshes, through valleys and glades so animals and birds can come to their banks and douse their thirst.

Boat safaris are highly rewarding for the keen eye that knows where to look. To rouse more interest in Madhai Boat Safari, crocodiles have been spotted on Denwa River flowing in these Satpura backwaters!

Boat Safari on River Denwa | Satpura National Park | Madhai Riverside Lodge
Village Walks in Satpura | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Tribal Village Walks In Madhai

Tribal Village Walks in Madhai are an immersive activity that will let you connect to your roots. The Gond and Korku Tribes that inhabit the lands and forests nearby have a unique culture and way of life that definitely deserve your attention and appreciation. Located in the tribal forest village of Sarangpur, Madhai Riverside Lodge offers you a unique opportunity to experience and photograph the tribal lifestyle of the Satpuras. Our guides will take you to their fields, plantations and homes, help you talk to them, understand their faith and art, and hear tales of the forest from those who once lived in it.

And So Much More...

Adventurers need not lose heart if safari is not what you seek. Madhai has a little bit of spirit in spare for everyone, for every taste and style of relaxation. Enjoy canoeing on the calm stretch of Denwa as you contemplate life gliding alongside deep green forests. Spot rare birds of the wild, observe how they flit around the canopies of high-rise trees displaying their plume to the world. Enjoy a calm jungle-walk, look at the path your feet trod and find little treasures on the ground, growing heedless in the wild, fearless of any intrusion or danger.

Pied Kingfisher | Bird Watching in Satpura National Park  Madhai Riverside Lodge