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School Trips in Madhai | Satpura Tiger Reserve | Madhai Riverside Lodge

School Trips in Madhai

Let kids experience the magic of Satpura with students outings at Madhai Riverside Lodge

School Trips in Madhai

Memorable Student Outings in Satpura Tiger Reserve at MRL

The wilderness of Satpura Tiger Reserve has many life lessons to give away. Let your kids learn in the school of nature with our student outings in Madhai. Our resort combines safety and comfort into a neat little wildlife adventure that the kids will always remember. With our school trips in Madhai, fun and learning combine for a lifetime of memories that the young minds of students will cherish forever.

Student Outings in Madhai | Satpura Tiger Reserve | Madhai Riverside Lodge
Riverside Lodge Madhai

Comfortable Accommodation

Camping in Madhai or staying in rooms - MRL offers all the solutions for your student trip to Satpura Tiger Reserve.

Riverside Lodge Madhai

Learning and Fun

Go on safaris in Satpura National Park and learn about ecology, wildlife conservation and our natural history.

Riverside Lodge Madhai

Activities and Engagement

From sunset watching to stargazing, spotting birds and wildlife, playing games or even trekking in Satpura National Park – you can do it all at MRL!

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Riverside Lodge Madhai
Luxurious Rooms
Jungle resort Madhai


Riverside Lodge Madhai
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Jungle resort Madhai


Riverside Lodge Madhai
Jungle resort Madhai


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In-house activities

School Trips in Madhai

Wilderness Excursions in Satpura Tiger Reserve with MRL

The wonders of Satpura are like hidden treasures – and unearthing them amidst the dense velvety greens of the jungle is an experience every kid should have at least once in their lifetime. With our cozy rooms, awesome food, curated learning sessions with experienced naturalists and many fun activities, your school trip to Madhai will be one to remember!

Safari in Madhai | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Safari in Madhai

Whether in the core zone or buffer zone of Satpura National Park, our experienced naturalists will find something for the kids to learn everyday.

Stargazing in Madhai | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Stargazing in Madhai

Being so close to the wilderness also means being away from civilisation. And that means witnessing starry skies in a way that kids don’t get to see in the city anymore!

Boat Safari in Madhai | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Boat Safari in Madhai

Kids take in the beauty of the jungle as they ride on a boat on River Denwa. This is a must-have experience in Satpura – a chance to witness beautiful sunsets and spot birds on the beautiful river banks.

Village Walks and Treks Madhai | Madhai Riverside Lodge
Village Walks and Treks Madhai

Experience the wilderness on foot, get a taste of adventure and learn about the tribal heritage of the land with our guided Village walks in Madhai and Nature Treks in Satpura National Park.

School Trips in Madhai

Plan Your Student Outing in Madhai, Satpura National Park At MRL

Immerse the young minds of kids in the beauty of Mother Nature amidst the untamed wilderness of Satpura National Park. Organise a school trip to Madhai with MRL today!

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