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Wildlife Lodge in Madhai | Satpura Tiger Reserve | Madhai Riverside Lodge

An Exceptional Jungle Resort In Madhai

High-quality, experience-loaded wildlife lodge in Satpura National Park

Wildlife Lodge in Madhai

Breathtaking river views from lodge in Satpura

Madhai Riverside Lodge is all about providing its visitors with a luxurious yet simple wildlife experience – a resort that is plush yet affordable. It is situated on the banks of the Denwa, right at the entrance to the Satpura Tiger Reserve. Its vantage point gives it a strategic access to several of the highly coveted activities that wildlife enthusiasts come to Madhai for.

Of all the lodges in Satpura National Park, the Madhai Riverside Lodge gives you a unique experience that is enriched with trained hospitality, scrumptious food, comfortable stays, easy access to the wilderness and beyond.

Best Lodge in Satpura National Park | Madhai Riverside Lodge
Riverside Lodge Madhai

River view rooms in Madhai

Comfortable stays with private decks and patios to bask in the river view.

Riverside Lodge Madhai

Luxury lodge in Satpura

Experience the luxury of modern amenities set amidst expansive Satpura forests.

Riverside Lodge Madhai

Activity, relaxation and exploration

With facilities like swimming pool, game zone, and riverside walks, you get the complete package.

Riverside Lodge Madhai

Affordable Luxuries

Neither expensive, nor basic – Madhai Riverside Lodge strikes the right balance between wildlife and luxury.

Plush rooms beside the Denwa river

Luxury Accommodation in Madhai, Satpura Tiger Reserve

Rest, restore and rejuvenate yourself with the luxurious comforts and memorable experiences that Madhai Riverside Lodge has to offer. Reconnecting your soul with Mother Nature is easy when the expansive wilderness of Satpura Tiger Reserve surrounds you on all sides. Witness the majesty of Madhya Pradesh unfold when the sprawling hills of Satpura and sparkling waters of River Denwa greet you as you open your hotel room doors. Relax in your own patio, enjoy a private cup of coffee in your balcony or read a book lounging under the shade of a tree – relaxation takes on whole new meanings here. This is what makes Madhai Riverside Lodge the best resort near Satpura Tiger Reserve – surprising beauty amidst nature’s serenity. Check out our rooms below:

Luxury Rooms

Luxury Rooms | Best Resort in Satpura | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Super Deluxe Rooms

Super Deluxe Rooms | Best Resort in Satpura | Madhai Riverside Lodge
Jungle resort Madhai


Luxurious Rooms
Jungle resort Madhai


Years in Service
Jungle resort Madhai


Birds Photographed
Jungle resort Madhai


Wildlife Spotted

Best Wildlife Lodge in Satpura National Park

Experiences in Madhai Riverside Lodge in Satpura

Ours is a unique wildlife lodge in Madhai that offers you something to take away as a memory for every part of the day. Waking up in the morning, you are greeted by the most euphonous birdsong you will hear. As you enjoy your tea and coffee on the private patio, the soft splashing sounds of Denwa river prepare your senses with subtlety. The Satpura forests send forth a cool breeze to breathe life into your lungs while you enjoy your scrumptious breakfast.

As the day progresses, you get more opportunities to try out the activities at our lodge in Satpura. You can try birdwatching, check out our library, or go for a riverside walk. Come lunch, we serve food that is finger-licking good, prepared by chefs with local ingredients and methods. Towards the evening, you can experience the most stunning sunset you have yet seen. The twilight hues will set the right mood for a night full of star gazing.

Satpura National Park Safari | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Satpura National Park Safari

Madhai Riverside Lodge has a gifted location that places the entry gate into Satpura Tiger Reserve within minutes’ reach from the resort. You can experience a safari into the deciduous forests of Satpura without any logistical trouble, while enjoying jungle views on the way.

Denwa River Boat Safari | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Denwa River Boat Safari

Experiences from Madhai Riverside Lodge get more interesting as a boat safari over the Denwa river becomes extremely accessible. Our resort is located close to the banks, allowing you a quick access to the pier for a thrilling exploratory boat ride

Riverside Nature Walks in Madhai | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Walk Along the Riverside

Would you rather just take things slow and look at the river pebbles that dot the shores? Sign up for our riverside walks and take your time to turn every stone and explore the life that thrives in the watershed banks of the Denwa river.

Trekking in Satpura Tiger Reserve | Madhai Riverside Lodge
Trekking Into the Wilderness of Satpura

Known as one of the oldest forests in Madhya Pradesh, Satpura has a challenging terrain with mysteries of life hiding underneath the deepest of caves. There is thrill, adventure, and the rush of adrenaline as you scale the wilderness with your own two feet.

Wildlife Spotting in Satpura Tiger Reserve | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Spot the Beasts and Birds

No expedition into the jungles is complete without a little spotting. Get your binoculars and get a chance to spot sloth bears, leopards, black shouldered kites, tigers, wild boars, sambars and so much more hiding in the thickets.

Village Walks in Satpura | Madhai Riverside Lodge

A Walk Amidst Rustic Villages

It is always good to reconnect with a down-to-earth way of life while you are taking a break from your hectic schedules. Take a glimpse into the vernacular, tribal-rural life through a walk into the villages that lie in close quarters to the Madhai Riverside Lodge.

Do More at Our Wildlife Lodge in Madhai

Activities at Madhai Riverside Lodge in Satpura

Satpura Tiger Reserve is a jewel of Madhya Pradesh that offers diverse experiences like hiking, trekking, nature walk, cave visits, wildlife safaris, boat safaris, and so much more. Madhai Riverside Lodge adds to this list with its own activities that you can enjoy while staying here. For the peace-seekers, a more laid-back and relaxing itinerary is available, like birdwatching and star gazing.

Madhai Riverside Lodge

Refreshing Swimming Pool

A getaway is incomplete without a splash in the water.

Madhai Riverside Lodge

Restaurant Not to Miss

Our restaurant features preparations created from fresh, local produce with local recipes and chefs.

Madhai Riverside Lodge

Warm Bonfires

There is nothing more comforting than a bonfire on a chilly winter night

Madhai Riverside Lodge

Dazzling Sunsets

Sunsets look better when there are natural features around to complement them, right?

Luxury Lodges in Satpura - Madhai Riverside Lodge
Wildlife Resort in Satpura Tiger Reserve - Madhai Riverside Lodge

Experience Madhai

Luxury wildlife lodge in Madhai

MRL - The lodge in Satpura that makes wildlife experience accessible and affordable.

Experience wilderness with a touch of luxury amidst the beauty of Satpura Tiger Reserve with the spectacular river-view rooms at Madhai Riverside Lodge – the oldest, most trusted wildlife resort in Madhai.

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