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Luxury Lodge in Satpura Tiger Reserve | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Luxury Lodge in Satpura National Park

Experience unmatched hospitality by the oldest resort in Madhai - MRL

Luxury Lodge in Satpura National Park

Experience luxury living at the first resort of Madhai

What began, way back in 2006, as the humble first step into the world of hospitality has now become a saga of happy vacations and unmatched experiences in Satpura Tiger Reserve. That is our story – a journey made up of thousands of bird songs, millions of sunsets and countless stories from Satpura. Born out of immense love for the wilderness and a deep-set dedication towards nature conservation, Madhai Riverside Lodge is designed to give you the best wilderness experiences in Satpura National Park. Top notch amenities, amazing hospitality and rooms with views that will take your breath away – MRL has it all and more. Plan your stay now!

Best Lodge in Satpura National Park | Madhai Riverside Lodge
Riverside Lodge Madhai

Oldest resort in Madhai

Plan your wildlife vacation at a resort that boasts of being the first in the land.

Riverside Lodge Madhai

Stacked with comforts

Oldest, but by no means old! MRL is stacked full of modern amenities and comforts for a memorable vacation.

Riverside Lodge Madhai

Best location

Just a few steps away from the jetty where you will begin your safari in Satpura National Park!

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Riverside Lodge Madhai
Luxurious Rooms
Jungle resort Madhai


Riverside Lodge Madhai
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Jungle resort Madhai


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Jungle resort Madhai


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Best Wildlife Lodge in Satpura National Park

Madhai Riverside Lodge - Our Story

A dream was born decades ago – an idea to make the most elusive of wilderness encounters one can imagine accessible to those who love the wild. And in 2006, the day finally arrived when this vision finally became a real, tangible fruit of years' worth of labor and love. THAT is how MRL was born!

Founded by Shri Sankatha Prasad Dubey in 2006, Madhai Riverside Lodge boasts of being the first resort in Madhai – a feat that could only have been possible with his unwavering strength, unmoving dedication and unyielding efforts. And what began with a few modest rooms is now one of the most exclusive properties in the region. Located right on the banks on Denwa River, right next to the jetty where every Satpura Safari begins, Madhai Riverside Lodge gives you the best view of Satpura National Park.

The resort itself is designed with muted colors to meld perfectly with the wilderness around. Locally sourced kabelu tiles from Bagra Tawa line the cottage roofs and tastefully placed sit-outs give you a touch of privacy as you bask in the glory of a Satpura sunset. Each room in the property is well-appointed with all the modern amenities and comforts that a true-blue traveller can ask for. Comfortable beds, well-done interiors, air conditioning, power back-up – we offer it all! And the cherry on the cake – each and every room in the property opens up to the most spectacular view of the Denwa River and sprawling wilderness of Satpura Tiger Reserve.

Now THAT makes for a picture-perfect vacation!

SP Dubey - Founder - Madhai Riverside Lodge

Shri Sankatha Prasad Dubey


A lifetime forester with 39 years dedicated to Indian Forest Services, He has spent years working in the field, played key roles in the success of India’s pride - Project Tiger AND worked with numerous other Wildlife Reserves in the country including Bandhavgarh National Park, Son Ghariyal Sanctuary, Omkareshwar National Park, Achanakmar Amarkantak Sanctuary and Panna National Park.

Prashant Dubey - Managing Director – Madhai Riverside Lodge

Shri Prashant Dubey

Managing Director

A man who has wildlife conservation, quite literally, in his DNA! Having learned the ropes under the guidance and mentorship of his father, Prashant ji has been instrumental establishing Madhai Riverside Lodge as one of the best luxury resorts in the region. A lifelong hotelier and wildlife lover, his vision for the future and an unfailing knack for creativity inspires Team MRL everyday. Madhai Riverside Lodge is what it is today under the strong and able leadership provided to us by Prashant Ji.

Luxury Lodge in Madhai

MRL - The lodge in Satpura that makes wildlife experience accessible and affordable.

Experience wilderness with a touch of luxury amidst the beauty of Satpura Tiger Reserve with the spectacular river-view rooms at Madhai Riverside Lodge – the oldest, most trusted wildlife resort in Madhai.

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