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Corporate Events in Madhai | Satpura National Park | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Corporate Events in Madhai

Fabulous and well-appointed corporate events at Madhai Riverside Lodge

Corporate events in Madhai

Plan Your Conference In Madhai At MRL

Madhai is so much more than a wildlife destination near Satpura National Park. It is a place that offers the ideal combination of peace you need to work at your best and thrill you need to relax after all that!

Whether for conferences or meetings, product launches or employee engagement events – Madhai is just the right mix of quiet and exciting. And Madhai Riverside Lodge will prove to be the perfect choice for your upcoming corporate event in Madhai.

Corporate Events in Madhai | Madhai Riverside Lodge
Riverside Lodge Madhai

Conference Hall in Madhai

Luxury, comfort and all the fixins’ – our conference hall in Madhai has everything you need to plan a seamless corporate event for your team.

Riverside Lodge Madhai

Grounds and Garden

Why remain cooped up inside when you can work amidst the untamed beauty of Satpura Tiger Reserve! Plan a team building workshop in Madhai in our beautiful riverside garden.

Riverside Lodge Madhai

Luxury Accommodation

Whether for your boss or an important client or simply your team visiting for a corporate event in Madhai, MRL’s accommodation and hospitality is always the right choice.

Jungle resort Madhai


Riverside Lodge Madhai
Luxurious Rooms
Jungle resort Madhai


Riverside Lodge Madhai
Years in Service
Jungle resort Madhai


Riverside Lodge Madhai
Jungle resort Madhai


Riverside Lodge Madhai
In-house activities

Corporate events in Madhai

Conferences And Events In Madhai With Amenities By MRL

Amazing hospitality, mouthwatering food, top-notch amenities and of course, a fabulous ambiance– all of these come together to create spectacular corporate events that remain etched in the memories of every attending guest. And with Madhai Riverside Lodge, we promise all of this and more to turn your corporate conference in Madhai into the event of the year!

Conference Hall in Madhai | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Conference Hall in Madhai

Get the complete set up for your conference in Madhai – Hall with appropriate seating, Mike and Projector System, speakers, food and beverage service and hospitality of the highest standards.

Corporate Outing in Madhai | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Corporate Accommodation in Madhai

Treat your guests well with the amazing views and awesome comforts offered by each and every room at Madhai Riverside Lodge. This is luxury that fits the stature of your guests.

Swimming Pool in Madhai | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Activities in Madhai

Take a long relaxing dip in our swimming pool in Madhai after a long day of work or enjoy a riverside barbecue with your colleagues or simply chill in your balcony with a book from our library.

Safari in Madhai | Madhai Riverside Lodge
Experiences in Madhai

Leave the corporate jungle behind to experience true wilderness in Satpura Tiger Reserve with a wildlife safari in Madhai or maybe a boat safari on River Denwa. What a way to bond with your team-mates!

Corporate events in Madhai

Organise Your Team Outing In Madhai At MRL

Whether it is a ‘Product Launch’ or a ‘Target Meet’, a ‘Management Conference’ or even a ‘Sales Reward Event’ - Madhai Riverside Lodge offers just the right service and setting for you to plan an idyllic corporate event in Madhai.