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River Side Resort in Madhai | Satpura National Park | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Luxury Accommodation Near Satpura Tiger Reserve

A luxurious, reclused stay at the best river side resort in Madhai

Luxury Rooms at our Riverside Resort in Madhai

MRL - The Best Resort In Satpura, Opulence Meets Nature’s Bounty In The Perfect Confluence

Sometimes you just need to get away from the thronging city and let Mother Nature comfort you. If you long for an unworried, posh stay amidst nature, Madhai Riverside Lodge can offer you the most relaxing national park stays in the jungles of Satpura.

Breathe in the crisp morning air served fresh from the forest, as you leisurely sip a cup of coffee in the comfort of your bed. Let the birdsong of the red-wattled lapwings and plum-headed parakeets be the music that stirs your tired soul back to life. The mighty Denwa river all but lolls and rolls in torpidity as Satpura’s lazing daze calms it down, giving you a tranquil waterfront view out of your private windows. When the sun hits the water exactly right, you can hear the melodies of the forest echoing abound. We offer the most modern, comfortable amenities no other riverside resort in Madhai can match. Come, take a break from your mundane life – be alive again – with us.

Luxury Rooms

Luxury Rooms | Best Resort in Satpura | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Super Deluxe Rooms

Super Deluxe Rooms | Best Resort in Satpura | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Luxury Rooms at our Riverside Resort in Madhai

Intimate National Park Experiences On The Banks Of Denwa River

To be the best resort in Satpura that respects nature as much as it respects its guests, we go the extra mile to ensure both our guests and Mother Nature harmonize beautifully.

Stays That Are Close To Both - Nature And Modern Life

Best Riverside Resort in Satpura - MRL

Our riverside resort in Madhai brings you at a stone’s throw away from the gateway into the Satpura National Park. A thrilling ferry ride over the calm backwaters of the Denwa river brings you into the forests of Satpura, surrounded by nothing but trees, brush, and agents of the wilderness.

Our accommodations focus on merging the best experiences of this rare, wild environment with the most comfortable amenities. We keep our rooms provided with all the needs a modern family could imagine. Experience a truly scintillating stay at one of the best resorts in Satpura that keep you nuzzled in cosiness as you reach out of your window and wrap the essence of the forest in your palms.

Experience the rejuvenating qualities of the forest air with a stay at our riverside resort in Madhai.

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Jungle resort Madhai

Scrumptious food

From breakfast to dinner (and everything in between), we provide tasty, healthy meals.

Jungle resort Madhai

Swimming pool

Beat the summer heat with a quick dip into the pool.

Jungle resort Madhai

Play zone

Activate those endorphins and get your mind feeling fresh and active.

Jungle resort Madhai

Treks and Walks

Craving for a nature-inspired workout? Let’s trek in Satpura!

Jungle resort Madhai

River view

Let the calm Denwa river rub off its tranquillity on you.

Jungle resort Madhai

Conference hall

Not just for meetings, but for fun and gatherings too!

Jungle resort Madhai

Denwa boat safari

Watch out for those crocodiles! (And ready your cameras too)

Jungle resort Madhai

Wildlife spotting

Not just tigers, but leopards and sloth bears too!

Jungle resort Madhai

Pet Friendly

Bring your beloved furball along to our pet-friendly resort in Madhai.

Jungle resort Madhai


From lapwings to parakeets, owls to nightjars – let the sounds come alive.

Jungle resort Madhai

Garden Sit-outs

For the pleasure of evening breezes and morning sunlight.

Jungle resort Madhai

Gorgeous Sunset

Transition from diurnal to nocturnal with memorable sunsets.

Best River Side Resort in Madhai

Nestle into plush luxuries at our wildlife resort in Satpura - MRL

Experience unbridled wilderness experiences amidst the best luxuries and comforts that you can ask for. That is what Madhai Riverside Lodge has to offer!

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