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Madhai Riverside Lodge | #1 Luxury Resort in Satpura National Park | Riverside Rooms


Intimate Wilderness Experiences At An Idyllic Jungle Resort

For the hardcore wanderer, there is no turf better than the bare earth to rest his head on; nor a roof better than the starlit sky under which he may dream a good night's dream. For mere mortals, though, who require comforts of the world of Man, yet wish to stay close to the wonderous forests, there is Madhai River Side Lodge.

Daringly close to the northern fringes of Satpura Tiger Reserve, situated along the banks of the river Denwa that navigates the wilderness of Satpura's captivating forests, is Madhai River Side Lodge. When the humdrum of life starts to get you, visit the best resort in Satpura National Park to shake it off. This is where the magic happens.

Best Lodge in Satpura National Park | Madhai Riverside Lodge
Madhai Riverside Lodge

Riverview Rooms

Comfortable stays with private decks and patios to bask in the river view.

Madhai Riverside Lodge

Luxury Accommodation

Experience the luxury of modern amenities set amidst expansive Satpura forests.

Madhai Riverside Lodge

Activity, relaxation and exploration

With facilities like swimming pool, game zone, and riverside walks, you get the complete package.

Jungle resort Madhai


Riverside Lodge Madhai
In-Resort Activities
Jungle resort Madhai


Riverside Lodge Madhai
Wilderness Experiences
Jungle resort Madhai


Riverside Lodge Madhai
Birds Photographed
Jungle resort Madhai


Riverside Lodge Madhai
Wildlife Spotted


Luxury Accommodation in Madhai, Satpura Tiger Reserve

Rest, restore and rejuvenate yourself with the luxurious comforts and memorable experiences that Madhai Riverside Lodge has to offer. Reconnecting your soul with Mother Nature is easy when the expansive wilderness of Satpura Tiger Reserve surrounds you on all sides. Witness the majesty of Madhya Pradesh unfold when the sprawling hills of Satpura and sparkling waters of River Denwa greet you as you open your hotel room doors. Relax in your own patio, enjoy a private cup of coffee in your balcony or read a book lounging under the shade of a tree – relaxation takes on whole new meanings here. This is what makes Madhai Riverside Lodge the best resort near Satpura Tiger Reserve – surprising beauty amidst nature’s serenity. Check out our rooms below:

Luxury Rooms

Luxury Rooms | Best Resort in Satpura | Madhai Riverside Lodge

Super Deluxe Rooms

Super Deluxe Rooms | Best Resort in Satpura | Madhai Riverside Lodge


Intimate Wilderness Experiences At An Idyllic Jungle Resort In Satpura – Madhai Riverside Lodge

Wooden Cottage style décor, spacious interiors and the best of comforts reserved exclusively for you as you feast your eyes upon the most mesmerising views in all of central India – that is what we offer you with our luxurious rooms.

Each accommodation unit comes with its own attached balcony or patio that lets you witness glorious views of Denwa River and the expansive hills of Satpura. Lounge and relax on the balcony as the jungle around you unravels its secrets for you every morning. Listen to the music that the birds of Satpura perform for you live. And let the peace and tranquillity of Madhai wash your worldly troubles away while you sit back, relax and enjoy a vacation you will never forget at Madhai Riverside Lodge.

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Jungle resort Madhai

Refreshing Swimming Pool

Take a rejuvenating dip in our paradisial swimming pool in Madhai.

Jungle resort Madhai

Restaurant & Outdoor Dining

We promise you will not miss home with food this good.

Jungle resort Madhai

Conference Hall

For work and for the party after!

Jungle resort Madhai

Grounds and Garden

Take a barefoot walk in the soft grass and let go of your troubles.

Jungle resort Madhai

Mesmerizing Sunsets

Perfect for a quiet, romantic evening with a fantastic view.

Jungle resort Madhai

Library in Madhai

All the knowledge you would ever need to understand Satpura better.

Jungle resort Madhai

Star Gazing

Behold the heavens like you have never seen before.

Jungle resort Madhai

Cycling and Walks

Grab your camera and head out to explore the land.

Jungle resort Madhai

Pet Friendly

Bring your beloved furball along to our pet-friendly resort in Madhai.

Jungle resort Madhai

Riverside Bonfire

Warm up next to a cozy riverside bonfire in Madhai with the most awesome views imaginable.

Wildlife Resort in Madhai, Satpura National Park

MRL - The lodge in Satpura that makes wildlife experiences accessible and affordable.

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Experiences by Madhai Riverside Lodge in Satpura

While your typical tourist makes a beeline for Pachmarhi to enter this forest of many dreams, the largely-ignored Madhai Gate of Satpura Tiger Reserve looks on, standing silently in anticipation to welcome the sparse visitor who takes the path less beaten. More often than not this "ignorance" works in favour for that occasional visitor; he arrives to see the land free from the cannonade of human presence unlike its more "popular" counterparts. And this exclusivity is what makes the Madhai Experience all the more special!

Madhai Riverside Lodge

Safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve

Whether in the core zone exploring Churna or the buffer side, traversing Jamani Dev and Parsapani – no visit to Madhai can be complete without a safari in Satpura Tiger Reserve.

Madhai Riverside Lodge

Boat Safari in Denwa River

Witness the golden rays of the sun dance on the tranquil waters of the Denwa as you scour the expansive riverbanks with your binoculars, looking for wildlife and birds.

Madhai Riverside Lodge

Village Walks in Sarangpur

Our wildlife resort in Satpura Tiger Reserve is surrounded by villages that still follow the sound and reliable principles of our forebears.

Madhai Riverside Lodge

Trekking in Satpura

Explore the stunning cave paintings in the forest or simply walk along the riverside to see a bird’s nest up close – everything is possible here at MRL!

Luxury Lodges in Satpura - Madhai Riverside Lodge
Wildlife Resort in Satpura Tiger Reserve - Madhai Riverside Lodge

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